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Slave torture fetish at Man In Pain   - Megasite

Finest femdom and slave torture fetish. Women rule and males must suffer. Slave torture and torture of submissive males.



Slave torture at Brutal CBT

Brutal CBT - extreme cock and balls torture of male genitals. High heels piercing through cock and balls. CBT slave torture by Mistresses.



Slave torture fetish at RawHide

No mercy slave torture videos. Misstress is caning, whipping, spanking and torturing helpless slave. Slave torture videos and pictures. Female and male slave torture.



Real slave torture fetish at History Torture

History Torture is based on true events that are documented in detail in legal documents from the late middle ages. The tortures that are shown here were common methods of the earthly Jurisdiction. Allowed was, what the executioner liked. All Pictures and Videos are exclusiv and only available here.



Slave torture fetish at The Cross Roads

Crucifixion. Contain women in consentual BDSM poses on or prior to being positioned on a cross. 

...A cross stretches her limbs and tightens her tummy. It thrusts her breasts out, and often since she is raised a few feet off the ground, her breasts are right at eye (and tongue) level. If she is a little higher, then her pussy is within direct licking range...









CBT Platinum - Premium collection of CBT images. - The Meanest GeniTortures Goddesses on the Net




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Ball Busting Chicks - Video clips of cock and ball torture, groin kicking.

British Bitches - Femdom ballbusting site.

Les Femmes Fatales Productions - Catfighting, ballbusting, facesitting videos for sale.

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Kicking Socks - Free ballbusting videos: sadistic girls wearing socks kick male where it hurts.

Barefoot Princess Video - Forced foot worship, Femdom, Humiliation, ruined orgasms to train males into submission

Jennys Slave School - Germanys famous Queen of Ballbusting - Ballbusting CBT

Barefoot Princess Video - Femdom, ballbusting, ruined orgasms, foot worship. Free galleries and video previews!

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